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Client Testimonials

"Ever since GTCS has moved into our business park they have done great work.  They are honest, hard working, professional and have a great deal of integrity.  Whenever we have a unit to be cleaned they are right there to take care of it.  I have used cleaning services for the business park as well as other properties that we own.  I have also recommend them to other Property managers as well as other Business Owners that i know and I always receive a wonderful report of how please they were with the cleaning service.   I know that they have picked up some commercial cleaning accounts  from other Businesses/ Offices located in our Business park.        I will continue to use their services and I highly recommend them."

- J. Nocito (Chesapeake, VA)

"My mother and father are very independent people however due to their ages they can't get around like they use to when they were younger.  I volunteered to help my mother clean but she insists I have enough on my plate working full time with my own house and 3 kids to look after.  So she gets upset when I try to help clean for her.    A friend of mine at work recommended GTCS.  She said she used them they were friendly, fast and provided great service and a bonus was that the owner went to her church.   I called and scheduled an appointment for them to meet my parents and give us an estimate.  The price was great but more importantly my Mom absolutely loves the two women who come and clean.    Their office is located not to far from where I work so I stopped by one day during lunch to make a payment.   The owner was there and gave me a personal tour of the facility.   The office looked great andI  like the fact that they had a real office and weren't  working out of a garage.   Since my mom raves about them and her house looks and smells so clean I decided to become a client myself.  Since I was paying for my moms house they gave me a loyal customer discount.   I have been very pleased and feel so relaxed.  I didn't realize how much time I was wasting cleaning when I could be doing other things.  Thanks for giving me back time to spend with my family." 

- K.  Harper (Chesapeake, VA)

"GTCS is completely fantastic! My job keeps me crazy busy, so I love coming back to a home that smells fresh and is sparkling clean. Currently we're on the "once every three weeks" rotation, which works really well for us -- we do some maintenance cleaning in the interim weeks, but GTCS is so thorough that we barely need to. The worst is when you pay for a cleaning service and then feel like you need to re-clean things yourself. GTCS is bonded and insured, which means peace of mind,   I wholeheartedly recommend this cleaning service to anyone who's looking for a great reputable company which in the cleaning arena is hard to find."

- C. Lewis (Norfolk, VA)

"I suffer from bad allergies which means finding a cleaning service that didn't leave me sick was a dream come true.  When these ladies showed up they were professional, friendly and i could tell they were experienced cleaners.    When they left, I searched the house for dust.  Nothing.  Chemical smells?  Nada.  Cat hair? Only on our cat.  Irritated Allergies?  Nope!  I was breathing better than usual because there were no chemicals and the house was spotless.  They will be back!"  - E.  Holland  (Chesapeake, VA)

"I have a home business that requires people to come to my house.  So I really needed a cleaning company.  I Called Graceful Touch Cleaning Services and was able to get an instant quote over the phone,  and when they came to evaluate my apartment, the actual price was right on. The cleaners use cleaning supplies that smelled good and didn't leave my place  smelling like bleach afterwards. Two women came to clean the place, and they were thorough and finished the job quickly. I was so impressed that I have them come every other week now."

- A. Jones   (Virginia Beach, VA)

"I'm absolutely impressed. This was the first time that I ever used a cleaning service, but after this experience, it won't be the last. I'll be honest, before I called I had my reservations. I was fearful that a cleaning service would have lazy people that would drag their feet to drag out the tie and charge me as much as possible. Or that it would be someone that wouldn't speak English at all. Boy was I mistaken  These ladies were absolutely amazing. They were very polite and timely. They were very hard working and didn't try and cheat me in any way. They did an absolutely amazing job. They took care of a horrific shower in no time flat. At the end of it all it took only an hour and a half and it probable would have taken me all day.   I was so impressed.  I can't compliment Graceful Touch Cleaning Services enough. Oh, and when they were all done the shower didn't stink of chemicals. I'm so elated. These ladies are wonderful. If you need someone to clean your place, tidy it up, or its a disaster, they can handle it. Would happily recommend."   

- V.  Davis  (Portsmouth, VA)

"I discovered GTCS after we started using them at my place of work.  It was by far much  superior to the work of our prior cleaning service that we didn't even realize how substandard a service we had previously been receiving.  Our business is in Chesapeake and I live in  Suffolk, so I inquired if they worked in that area to my delight i was told they in fact work all throughout the Tidewater area.  I tell you this, I got home and my sink was sparkling.  I couldn't believe the level of detail that was put forth into the services I was provided.  Needless to say I'm a regular customer now.   I can't say enough good things about them!"

- S. Bryant  (Suffolk, VA)


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