Government facilities require regular cleaning but mostly on a tight budget. And because the budget is tight, these facilities are not cleaned as often or regularly as needed. We at Graceful Touch can work within your budget without compromising the quality of our cleaning service. We can comply with such regulation with our cost-effective services. With our expertise, experience and state-of-the-art equipments, we can provide ideal solutions for all the cleaning needs of government buildings and facilities. There’s nothing big or small. We clean all.

Government Facility Cleaning

Make a lasting impression to all those who enter public buildings and grounds. Government offices and facilities need regular cleaning to bring order and to achieve a more reputable and professional look. We want to gain and maintain the trust of the public. What better way to do that but maintain a clean and orderly space. Graceful Touch offers maintenance and cleaning services to various government establishments such as courts, administrative offices, prisons, legislative buildings, city halls and more.

We are fully aware of the regulations and policies required by government institutions. To ensure that such requirement is satisfied, we require our cleaning staff to meet the necessary backgrounds and undertake necessary testing. We can guarantee you that we have hardworking, background-checked professionals. We don’t just focus on the one-time or day-to-day details; more importantly, we manage a long-term vision in our integrated cleaning and maintenance services. We want to have and maintain the trust and confidence of our government customers. We achieve this through proper planning, preventive maintenance, strategic management and responsible cleaning. Let us help you with that.

When you avail our government facility cleaning services, you can expect the following benefits at a price the government can afford:

  • Dedicated cleaning support

  • Clean and safe environment

  • Cost-effective service

  • Experienced cleaning staff

  • Overall cleaning service that matches your specific needs


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